Google supports Boroume!

Thu 16 July 2020

A few years ago, we started to save and offer food to our fellow human beings in need, with unique resources our passion and our will to change an extremely negative social, environmental and economic phenomenon. In the course that we have traced since 2012, among other things, we have saved and offered more than 36 million portions of food to more than 600 charities in every corner of Greece, supporting all vulnerable social groups. This, of course, was only possible thanks to the support of many friends who believed in our vision of a society in which it would be normal and expected to donate leftover food and not to throw it away.

Google was recently added to this special group of our friends and supporters, which chose Boroume as one of the charities it wanted to support in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. With its generous donation, Google will enable us in the coming months to save and deliver hundreds of thousands of portions of food to dozens of charities and their beneficiaries.

We truly thank Google for this special donation and special honor it bestowed on us.