Georgina and Myrto are friends and they explain to us how they both became volunteers at Boroume

Wed 21 March 2018

A while ago we had the pleasure of welcoming to our group Georgina and Myrto, who are friends and who decided to start a voluntary action at the same time. Without having discussed it, they both found themselves at the home of Boroume.

They share their story with us.

"Upon completion of our studies in political science in June 2017 and being friends for years, we both decided to get involved with volunteering. But without knowing it, we both filled in an application for Boroume.  So once again we were destined to work together on another level this time, having saving food as a common goal and offering it to groups of people in need. Giving and volunteering fills us with great joy and has helped us to feel useful in a society with many shortcomings."