Food Waste Atlas

Wed 23 January 2019

The Food Waste Atlas is a fact.

It is an electronic tool (Food Waste Atlas) with free access developed by WRAP in partnership with the World Resource Institute, where all data on waste and food loss globally is gathered.

It is also possible to search for items based on specific foods, individual branches of the food supply chain, and geographic units.

This “Atlas” allows states, cities, companies, organizations and institutions to derive and focus on elements of their interest in order to undertake targeted actions and initiatives, contributing to the creation of sustainable food systems. 

As far as Greece is concerned, the platform refers mainly to figures of 2012-2013, published in the FUSIONS report (2016).  As shown in the table for member states and sub-sectors, only the data on retail and wholesale trade in Greece are characterized as “data of sufficient quality” in this report.

It is, of course, necessary to conduct reliable, in-depth research – with qualitative and quantitative analysis – on food waste in Greece, which will result inter alia, in determining the “baseline”, so that there is a “starting point” for the establishment of national – and qualitative – targets.