Expressing our thanks at the Farmers' Markets

Wed 17 March 2021

It has been a year since the pandemic changed everyone's life, making our living conditions difficult. Despite all the difficulties, however, there are bright cases that make our daily lives better and remind us that, despite all the difficulties, solidarity with people who are in a difficult position and the social giving still exist and provide a way out.

The vendors of the farmers' markets, who have been cooperating with Boroume for years to save & donate food, during the difficult period of the pandemic offered and supported socially vulnerable groups with 100 tons of food of high nutritional value in 2020.

The very least that we should do at Boroume, on behalf of our volunteers and charities supported by these foods, is to say a big 'thank you', in practice, distributing a thank you letter to all the vendors we visit almost every week in Athens and Thessaloniki. In this letter we inform each seller on the one hand about the quantity offered by the farmers' market in total in 2020, as well as the charitable institution that it has supported with its offer.

It is a great pleasure for us to know that our partners in the farmers' markets, even in a very difficult period for them, still stand by those who are in need, supporting our work. With their generosity and selflessness, they give us the impetus to continue our actions for the benefit of society and the environment, with them.