European Union guidelines on food donation

Fri 17 November 2017

The "EU guidelines on food donation", a key deliverable of the action plan for the circular economy, was prepared by the European Commission in close cooperation with the members of the EU platform for losses and food waste, in which Boroume participates actively.

Its aim is to clarify the relevant EU legislation (e.g. food safety, food hygiene, traceability, information provision to consumers, liability, VAT etc.) and to facilitate the compliance of the donors and recipients of food with the relevant requirements.

Since the quantities of food that are redistributed correspond to a small percentage of the total quantity of excess food in the EU, the guidelines aim to assist in the removal of barriers - within the existing regulatory EU framework - to facilitate food donation.

The EU guidelines focus on single issues that are addressed at EU level, and therefore will complement their respective issues already established or to be established on a national and/or sectoral level.

The Commission strongly urges the establishment of relevant rules and guidelines about food donation at national level in order to define with clarity for all interested parties the rules and the framework applicable to national level, including the obligations, as well as the rules on liability.

In order to encourage food donation, the relevant national authorities may consider introducing tax incentives, as well as the implementation of information activities, communication and training.

From Boroume’s side, we will continue to contribute to the facilitation of community supply of excess food through the simple and effective saving and offering food, as well as in the dissemination of safe practices of food redistribution in accordance with the national and European regulatory framework.

Finally, our goal is to develop – jointly with all interested parties - national guidelines/framework of rules.