Annual Report 2022

Mon 15 May 2023

In 2022 we completed 10 years of actions to reduce food waste & increase food supply in the best way we know how, i.e. with an even greater effort - among many others - to:

- increase even more the amount of food we save & offer daily (in total over 11.5 million portions of food in 2022)
- increase significantly the number of students who participated in "Boroume at School"
- increase the number of cooperating farmers' markets, charitable institutions and partners -supporting with volunteers the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" (32 food markets, 595 volunteers, 191.900 kg of fresh produce)
- develop the most dynamic online information campaign on food wastage ever created in Greece (total outreach> 627.000 people)
- increase the positive environmental impact of our actions (17 million kg of CO2 eq., which are equivalent to > 309,000 Athens-Thessaloniki trips with a conventional car or the annual CO2 sequestration of > 10.000 trees).

Heartfelt thanks to:

- our volunteers who are by our side in any way they can
- our partners, donors & supporters, charitable institutions, everyday friends of the organization in every corner, inside and outside Greece

Without you all none of the above would be possible!

You can read our entire Annual Report for 2022 at the following link: here