Boroume’s educational program in the Ecological Park of N. Psychiko

Wed 21 March 2018

This year, we have the pleasure of cooperating with the Ecological Park of N. Psychiko which hosts us every Monday in its facilities. The Ecological Park of N. Psychiko was created in order to promote ecology, environmental protection and recycling of packaging materials and in this context, it hosts every day a different non-profit organization that aims to sensitize the children on the above.

One of the educational programs hosted in the Ecological Park is "Boroume at School" which is designed to inform and sensitize our little friends about food waste. Through activities, children also discover concepts such as volunteering and giving.

Pupils can learn about the problem of food waste, to explore and know its causes, but also to find out viable solutions and ways of dealing with the problem. During the discussion and activities with pupils, questions are answered, such as: What does food waste mean? What can each of us do so that "no food portions go wasted"? How can we make use of surplus food at home in original ways? When does food actually expire? What does a volunteer and an active citizen mean? Why don't we choose a fruit or vegetable judging it by its appearance?

Children discover the above answers through creative collages, crossword puzzles and painting. The "Path of Supply" is designed by the children themselves who discover how easy, immediate and beautiful the process of “creating bridges” is for offering leftover food from all stages of the food chain to people in need.

We sincerely thank the Ecological Park of N. Psychiko for its cooperation and hospitality in its premises.