Boroume was selected to participate in the new mandate of the EU Platform on Food Waste

Thu 18 November 2021
It is with great interest that we participate today in the last - for the current term of office - plenary session of the European Union Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste.

It is an exceptional honour for Boroume that it has been selected by the European Commission as a member (only private body from Greece) of this experts’ platform since its establishment in 2016.  It was with great enthusiasm that we welcomed the re-selection of Boroume for the next term (2022 - 2026) between only 45 Members - private sector bodies from all EU Member States!

During today's meeting, we take stock of the work done by the Platform. We are especially pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute - as a member of the Working Group "Action & Implementation" - to two of the most important deliverables of the Platform, namely a) Recommendations for the prevention of food waste at every stage of the food value chain (Recommendations for Action in Food Waste Prevention), and b) the evaluation of food waste prevention actions and their economic, social and environmental impact (Assessment of food waste prevention actions- development of an evaluation framework). 

Also, in today’s debate, we are concerned with the next steps in the EU legislative / regulatory framework, as well as the main issues we will focus on in the context of the Platform's work, such as food waste at the consumer level, the introduction of legally binding food waste reduction targets at EU level, and the revision of EU legislation for date marking on food. 

Recognizing the valuable exchange of knowledge and good practice that we all gain through active participation in the work of the EU Platform, as well as the crucial importance of public-private partnership across Europe and cross-sectoral synergy of those involved, we continue the dynamic action to tackle food waste!