Boroume participates in the 2nd meeting of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste

Fri 14 July 2017
With joy, we share with you the news from Brussels, where we have participated in the second meeting of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste. We feel particularly honoured that Boroume has been selected to participate in the work platform of this European Group of experts.

The members of the platform consist of representatives of the public and private sectors involved in the prevention of food waste, such as competent authorities of the Member States, representative European organisations from across the food chain spectrum, non-profit organisations, EU institutions, international organisations.

At the heart of our work is the processing of EU guidelines on food donation, as well as EU methodology for the evaluation of food waste levels.

In particular, the "EU guidelines on food donation, which the European Commission will adopt after the current consultations with the members of the platform, aim to clarify the relevant provisions of European legislation and to facilitate the removal of barriers within the current EU regulatory framework to redistribute excess food.

EU guidelines, which will complement the corresponding guidelines already adopted or those that will be formed at the national level, include important issues, such as ensuring the traceability and food safety, the clarification of the role and responsibility of the parties involved, the food expiration date labelling, tax incentives, etc.

In addition, during the meeting, we have the opportunity to have discussions (exchange views) with representatives of European countries, where voluntary agreements (voluntary parties) and synergies between public and private sectors at the national level have been developed. Our goal is to also create in Greece a National Alliance to reduce food waste, which will bring together and will unite all forces who want to contribute to combating the phenomenon.

Finally, in the framework of exchanging information and best practices for preventing food waste, we have the opportunity to learn about the relevant legal framework adopted recently by Italy. It is worth noting that the Italian legislation advocated incentives (instead of imposing obligations and sanctions) to encourage and facilitate the redistribution of excess food.

We also favour the voluntary approach in our daily efforts to reduce food waste and increase food supply in Greece through information and awareness-raising. Tangible proof of the effectiveness of this approach is the continued expansion of the network "SavingFood” of Boroume, the increase of the quantity of food that has been saved and is offered daily, and the persistence and enthusiasm of all those involved in this effort!