Group action offering donation & spreading of the message "No portion of food wasted"

Fri 17 November 2017

We feel particular joy for the beautiful celebration that Boroume organized together with the Athens Business Triangle Upgrade Program in Athens on Saturday 14 October, on the occasion of World Food Day.

For all the following and more reasons!

A creative collaboration with the Business Triangle Upgrade Program, as well as with the local authorities, organisations and businesses in our neighbourhood.

Dozens of smiling volunteers with a willingness to offer. Three enthusiastic ambassadors of our message "No portion of food wasted", Chef Alexander Papandreou, Michael Iroglidis and Stelios Mastorakos, who enthusiastically coordinated with the volunteer group and, at the same time, informed the attendees about the issue of food waste.

Active citizens who wanted to learn more about how they can help in the activities of saving and donating food supplies through Boroume and its new internet platform SavingFood. New friends of Boroume, children that volunteers of the program "Boroume at School” had the opportunity to talk about the problem of food waste, volunteering and social service.

Hundreds of kilos of fruits and vegetables that have been saved by the volunteers of the program “Boroume at the Farmer’s Market". 600 nutritional and delicious salads prepared and offered at the soup kitchen of the Solidarity and Reception Centre of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA).

We would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the great human chain in this group action promotion, awareness of the issue of food waste, and spreading the message "No portion of food wasted"!

We send special thanks to all the volunteers who have supported us, and in the Group of Ethelon that we had the pleasure to have with us! In addition, thank you Sylvia Kotrotsou for the beautiful snapshots of all the activities.

For their support in the implementation of the event we thank the companies ISS for sponsorship in kind, RGB Studios for photographic coverage, Promitheftiki for the allocation of shopping karts as well as the companies dreamtent and SKGECOSHOP for their particular support.