BARBA STATHIS firmly supports the work of Boroume

Tue 01 June 2021

From 2019 we have had the pleasure of working consistently with the company Barba Stathis - in the context of free food distribution actions implemented through the program "We do good!" - for the food support of socially vulnerable groups.

In particular, the company regularly offers to - collaborators of Boroume – charitable institutions valuable food items, such as vegetables and salads, tomato sauce, and pies, to meet the nutritional needs of their beneficiaries.

In addition, Barba Stathis, with the aim of preventing food waste, and at the same time supporting people in need, undertakes - in collaboration with Boroume - the daily rescue & offering of fresh salads to charitable organizations in Attica.

In total, to date they have already offered more than 205.000 portions of food to more than 50 charitable institutions in Attica and Thessaloniki.

We thank them for their excellent cooperation and their important contribution!