AXA's volunteer team joins forces with Boroume and supports socially vulnerable groups

Mon 15 June 2020

The AXA volunteer team joins forces with Boroume, the Emfasis Foundation and the Social Service of the Municipality of Metamorfosi, offering significant food support to socially vulnerable groups.

AXA volunteers, with the support of the Company, responded to the increased needs as a result of the unprecedented impact of the pandemic crisis, which exacerbated the difficulties faced by socially vulnerable groups.

In particular, they offered 108 packages with various types of food, corresponding to more than 10,000 portions of food, to beneficiaries of the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Metamorfosi, as well as the Emfasis Foundation (which supports socially vulnerable groups and citizens who experience multiple forms of homelessness, according to innovative principles of Social Work on the Road).

  • To 12 families with minor children who are below the poverty line
  • To 150 people who are in a state of homelessness - visible or not.
  • To the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Metamorfosi which is a constant helper of 350 families, contributing to the alleviation of extreme poverty and social exclusion

We warmly thank the volunteer team of AXA and the Company, our constant ally, for the significant support and excellent cooperation!