AEGEAN: saving food 30.000 feet above the Earth

Fri 17 July 2020

Boroume has affiliates whose common aim is reducing food waste and increasing food supply in its DNA, as it was created 9 years ago for this purpose. In this way, since then, it has saved and offered more than 36 million portions of food to more than 600 charities throughout Greece.

In this context and given the -already- generous corporate social responsibility actions of AEGEAN, it was normal for this company to be one of the first that, with the help of Boroume, began to save and offer excellent quality food to people in need. The first donation of the company even coincided with the founding of Boroume in January 2012, when we helped them offer 1.000 croissants and 1.000 boxes of cookies to the children of The Ark of the World (Kivotos tou Kosmou)!

Since then, AEGEAN has been one of the most consistent food donors, integrating food saving & offering as a given process. In fact, in this context, every passenger of international flights of the company can be informed about this process by the logo of Boroume on the trolleys that collect the trays with the food.

This year, AEGEAN made one of the largest food donations we have managed here at Boroume all these years, offering, from its various stations, a total of more than 500.000 food portions which unfortunately was not dispensed (by AEGEAN) due to the forced suspension of so many flights. This offer, especially in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances, really moved us all. In total, the company has saved and offered, with the help of Boroume, more than 700.000 portions of food in the last 8 years.

AEGEAN's support for Boroume is not limited to food donation, as the company has also covered the tickets of Boroume executives for three business trips to Brussels, Israel and Crete and has hosted Boroume in the on board magazine "Blue", through which many of our new friends and supporters, especially from abroad, learned and supported the organization.

For all the above, we want to express a huge "Thank you" to AEGEAN from the bottom of our hearts.