A school year full of new ideas, experiences and children’s smiles!

Thu 24 August 2017

Another very creative school year came to an end! And maybe the school bell rang for the last time this school year on June 15, but, for "Boroume at School”, the school year ended a few weeks ago, with our participation in summer camps! This year, Vodafone and the program Vodafone World of Difference that has supported our work throughout this period came out in support of the program “Boroume at School” from February till today.

The program Vodafone World of Difference, which is being implemented in Greece for the seventh consecutive year by the Vodafone Foundation, gave the chance this year to 10 young people to work in a charitable nonprofit organization of their choice, while Vodafone undertook their salary. We are particularly happy because the program has enabled us to further develop our activity in the program " Boroume at School” through the full-time employment of Irene Zafiri, a volunteer of our organisation since 2013.

Within 6 months we visited 42 schools in Attica and talked with more than 4,000 students on the issue of food waste, volunteering and social service.

We learned so much! Not to throw away our snack during breaks, not to leave any food left over beside trash bins, not to turn up our noses at strangely shaped fruit and vegetables found in grocery stores, to call Boroume whenever we have left over treats from our children's parties, to help and support people who are in need with dignity.

We spent over 170 hours with pupils aged 6-12, debating, drawing, solving crossword puzzles, creating colorful collages!

For Boroume’s team, those months they were full of joy, optimism, children’s smiles, new ideas and experiences!