A huge thank you to educators

Mon 18 April 2022

One of the greatest challenges – whenever we speak with students of all ages about food waste – is when what we tell them lasts longer than the 45-minute class period. In other words, whether it translates into action. Hopefully starting the next day!

We grown-ups may sometimes find it difficult to change our habits. For children, this is not the case.

Judging from what teachers share with us after the presentation of the “Boroume at School” program, children can more easily change their daily routine as far as how they handle leftover food at home or at school is concerned.

From learning about the proper placement of milk in the fridge, not wasting their snack at school, the consumption of “strange” fruits and vegetables, to the use of leftovers in nourishing recipes, children prove that, with small changes in our daily routine, we can do amazing things!

We are particularly happy that lately we have been receiving messages from educators about activities they do on these subjects. At some schools, teachers and students take part in cooking activities using ripe fruit to make smoothies or jams. At other schools, young students put their musical talents to good use by setting our “Ten Simple Steps to Reduce Food Waste” to music. At others, the children donate the leftover food from their school kitchen to a charitable organization in their area.

This gives us not only joy, but also enormous satisfaction, knowing that the hours we devote to children of all ages, all around Greece, bear fruit.

We thank these educators from the bottom of our hearts for being our fellow warriors in the effort to change the world, starting with the future: our children!