A big thank you to Starbucks

Fri 12 February 2021

When we started in 2012 Boroume as a new, innovative model of immediate food rescue & redistribution, the truth is that, initially, it was difficult to convince food donors of our effectiveness. Gradually, as a result of our continuous effort to save food, larger and larger companies began to participate in the network of Boroume, thus adding more prestige to our small but dynamic organization.

One such case is the Marinopoulos Coffee Company Mon. AEE - Starbucks, which in 2016 decided to connect as many of its stores as possible to our Saving & Offering Food network. Since then, the company's offer is continuous, with many stores throughout Greece, every day, saving what is possible and offering it to local charities with our help. In total, more than 77.000 portions of food have been saved & offered this way.

We truly thank Starbucks for their trust in Boroume and even more for their generous offer over the years.