500 kilos of potatoes from a producer were saved & offered through Boroume

Wed 02 June 2021

Our actions at Boroume always offer us "gifts" and we have the privilege of meeting rare people. After all, love was and is the motivation for everything.

Mr. Giannis Tsanidis was the one who this time showed us what "I care" means. He approached us timidly in our action in a large farmers' market. He is a potato producer from Polymylos, Kozani and had 500 kilos of surplus potatoes, which he wanted to offer through Boroume to a charitable institution and to support people in need. That in itself would be amazing, but Mr. Tsanidis made it even more impressive with a suggestion. "They are sprouting a little and I am ashamed to donate them like that ... I will clean them and bring them to you!"

A person, who wanted to optimize his donation so as not to "bother" others, is a rare person and we are lucky to meet them in our actions. Because such "gifts" are rare. The greatness of Mr. Giannis will remain in our minds as the issue that our society must adopt.