300 kg of leeks were saved thanks to the volunteers' team of MSD

Thu 20 May 2021

The main pillar of action of Boroume consists of food rescue and supply programs that we have created in order to be able to save and offer food from every stage of the food chain.

One of these programs is "Boroume Gleaning", which aims to utilize the surplus agricultural production in favor of charitable organizations in the same geographical area with the contribution of volunteer groups, which help harvest the products. We coordinate the collection and offer to the charitable institutions, facilitating the producer to offer whatever, for any reason, unfortunately he cannot sell.

In this context, we organized the voluntary harvest of leeks that were unfortunately left over from the field of George in Marathon, who also in the past had contacted us many times so that instead of his products being lost, we could collect them and offer them to charitable organizations in the area.

We were very happy when we found out that our friends from the company MSD had, as in other times in the past, the intention to get organized and go one morning to Marathon and save the leeks of George. The MSD volunteers once again proved their ability in "Boroume Gleaning" as a group of 12 volunteers saved a total of 300 kg of leeks, which we offered to the Municipality of Marathon for the needs of their charitable institutions.

A big thank you to the wonderful MSD team of vilunteers, which once again proved with actions the great sensitivity that the company has for the reduction of food waste, and of course a special big thank you to George for his generosity!