2nd round of co-creation labs with schools in Thessaloniki

Wed 27 February 2019

A few days ago we had the honor and pleasure to spend a few days with the school classes in Thessaloniki, participating as we do in the NEMESIS project.

NEMESIS is an EU Horizon 2020 project aimed at promoting social innovation at all educational levels of European schools. The stakeholders come from 7 different EU countries and include schools and professors, social entrepreneurs (such as BOROUME), universities and researchers.

In this second round of visits to Thessaloniki we exchanged views with the students of the 6th Intercultural primary school of Kordelio, the 1st Experimental School as well as the 14th General Lyceum on the ideas that have already been considered to a large extent and how to move to the next stage of their implementation.

Once again we were enchanted by the amazing potential, the sensitivity and the imagination of the students regarding social issues that concern them directly. Our goal is to inspire them so they can accomplish anything they decide they want to improve the society around them!