2022 to be the year with even less food waste and more Food Saving Warriors

Tue 25 January 2022
January 21 was World Hug Day. And for us that day is very special.

Mainly because Boroume remains all these years and above all, a huge hug that embraces those who share the same anxieties and the same purpose with us. To fight food waste in our country and to support people in need. 

Thanks to the charitable organizations, we manage to get in touch with all those who really need our support.

With donor companies by our side, we can save and offer, on a daily or ad hoc basis, surplus portions of food.

Through our “Boroume at School” program and our everyday communication with the teachers’ community, we have the opportunity to inform students of all ages about prevention and food waste awareness issues.

Due to the generosity and the willingness to offer of the producers and sellers of agricultural products, we have managed to have presence in the farmers’ markets and offer surplus and usable fruits and vegetables for a good cause. 

And of course, we feel stronger due to the support of our volunteers. Without their positive energy, their smile and their willingness to offer, nothing would be the same. 

Our goal for 2022 remains the same. To hug even more charitable organizations, donors, and volunteers as well as to strengthen our effort to reduce food waste.