200.000 food portions #apotalidl to people in need

Wed 21 March 2018

A key component of Boroume’s philosophy is the transformation of a negative phenomenon, such as food waste, into something very positive, such as the offer of surplus food to those in need.

That was also the central idea of campaign #fromlidl, that is to turn public -and usually derogatory- references to this expression into something extraordinarily good. More specifically, Lidl created the campaign #fromlidl to convert any public reference to the expression "fromlidl" to at least 10 portions of food that will be offered, with the help of Boroume, to beneficiaries of charitable institutions throughout Greece.

After a few weeks of running the campaign, the delivery of the cheque of the initiative #fromlidl took place on Thursday 15 February at the offices of Boroume, in the presence of representatives of the press and charitable organizations.  Through this initiative, a total of 200.000 portions of food will be offered to people facing food insecurity.

We warmly thank the people of Lidl for this very substantial support and congratulate them on the creative way in which they have courageously turned something negative into something very positive!