173 tons of fruits and vegetables were saved for a good cause in 2021

Wed 26 January 2022

When we started operating Boroume in 2012, in almost each communication we had with charitable organizations, we saw that there was a great need in fruits and vegetables. Despite the fact that these products are of high nutritional value, many people in need had little or no access.

From 2015 when we created the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" until today, we are truly satisfied, because we managed to fill a very large gap regarding the nutritional needs of many people facing food insecurity.

It is worth noting that 7 years later and despite the adverse conditions due to the pandemic, we managed in 2021 to save and offer more than 173 tons of usable and surplus fruits and vegetables to 29 charitable organizations (22 in Athens and 7 in Thessaloniki).

Throughout the year, thanks to the participation of hundreds of volunteers of all ages, we carried out 929 actions in 29 farmers’ markets (19 in Athens and 10 in Thessaloniki) in which we have a weekly presence.

In a period of pandemic, the least we can do is to give 173 tons of credits to all those who continue to offer their social work. The producers and sellers of the farmers’ markets, our volunteers, the charitable institutions and of course The Hellenic Initiative Australia for its long-standing relationship of trust and the huge support in the work of Boroume.