1 initiative, 16 institutions, 900 paintings & 18,240 portions of Nestlé® NESQUIK cereal

Fri 17 November 2017

A few days ago the program "A Good Deed a Day" was successfully completed, carried out by Nestlé NESQUIK cereal® in collaboration with Boroume. The program encouraged children, with their imagination and artwork as a driving force, to do a good deed by supporting other families and children who are in need.

All that was needed was the creative touch of children and the help of the parents to download their children's painting in the specially designed electronic platform created for the purposes of the program.

For every painting, NESQUIK cereal®, in collaboration with Boroume, offered 20 servings of cereals to charitable organizations that support children and families in need. Over 900 paintings were collected, creating a supply chain of 18,240 portions of cereals for 16 charitable institutions.

A big thank you to all the little friends for their participation as well as to Nestlé NESQUIK cereal® for the initiative and their donation.