AB Vassilopoulos & Boroume: a valuable collaboration of substantial giving

Tue 14 December 2021

The fact that AB Vassilopoulos is consistently the largest food donor of Boroume warrants our gratitude.  Moreover, their support is fervent and lasting and our cooperation substantial and multilevel.

Our collaboration began in 2013 when we first created a mechanism for daily offering of products of an AB store, which meet all food safety standards, but unfortunately can no longer be used commercially, to nearby charitable institutions. Starting with 3 pilot stores, a gradual expansion followed with the aim of fully integrating all AB stores in every corner of Greece in the saving & offering food network! 

The result of this original collaboration is truly admirable as millions of portions of food have been saved & donated to hundreds of charities across the country. The social impact of the program is remarkable, as it covers in many cases up to all the food needs of the charities and its beneficiaries, and on the other hand the environmental one, as the food surpluses not only do not end up thrown away, but are utilized in the best way, i.e. for human consumption. 

In addition, for many consecutive years, every Christmas and Easter, we worked with AB Vassilopoulos to provide complete festive meal packages to thousands of families throughout Greece. As for the donation program that we are implementing this Christmas, we will tell you more very soon… 

AB Vassilopoulos has been with us in all the major awareness raising public events that we have organised from 2013 until today, offering the food and materials that were necessary for the implementation of awareness and educational actions. 

When the organization found itself in a difficult position, forced to leave its office in Monastiraki, where it began its activities in 2012, AB Vassilopoulos immediately and on very favorable terms offered a property to house the new House of Boroume.  

Finally, when after years of trying to create a national alliance to reduce food waste we were almost in despair as it was not possible to find the initial funding, AB Vassilopoulos was on our side again.  Expressing full confidence in Boroume, it secured the initial funding (and continues to support), enabling the creation and operation, perhaps of the most  efficient, and certainly most ambitious project to reduce food waste in Greece. The "Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste" in Greece already has 57 Collaborating Parties! 

For all the above, but also for all the smiles and laughs that we have shared over the past years with the people of the company, we express our most heartfelt thanks to AB Vassilopoulos with the hope of co-creating even more beneficial actions for the environment and society in the future.