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To establish a direct and transparent way to support the nutritional needs of a family without means by converting donations into supermarket vouchers, exclusively for the purchase of food products, without any additional overhead costs to the donor.


  • It is very important to offer an alternative to people lining up in soup kitchens, and that those in need be given the opportunity to purchase their own groceries and make their own meals at home. Children of families in need benefit the most from being able to enjoy meals prepared in their own homes.
  • Many donors would prefer to support directly those in need, but do not have the means to find out where there is the greatest need, or how to approach those affected. This is especially true for donors residing outside of Greece.
  • Donors appreciate the ability to know exactly who is being helped with their donation, and how their donation is being utilized at any point in time


  • Express your interest by completing the form found below, and select the amount you would like to offer, the frequency of the donation, and who you would like to help in the area of your choice in Greece. At present, we are collaborating with the social service departments of the municipalities of Acharnon, Nikaia-Renti, Zografou and Perama.
  • The social service departments of the municipalities will make sure that the beneficiaries meet the appropriate guidelines of eligibility in terms of their needs
  • Boroume coordinates the acquisition of supermarket vouchers with the donated funds, which are to be distributed to the intended beneficiaries
  • Recipients are notified in advance that only upon verification of their past purchases will any future vouchers be distributed
  • Boroume is able to provide a report to each donor about the status of their donation at any given point in time

You can help!

To express your interest in the above program please call us at 2103237805 or email us at [email protected] so we can figure out how you can help us in a way that corresponds to your own wishes.