Food needs from the Hellenic Organization of providence & equality, Breath of H.O.P.E

Thu 14 April 2022

The Hellenic organization of providence & equality, Breath of H.O.P.E  is a civil non-profit company with charitable activities. 

It started its action in 2010 in order to meet the needs of people facing food insecurity.

The purposes of the organization includes voluntary assistance, social protection and solidarity, employment and cooperation with organizations that have similar purposes. 

The organization systematically supports about 95 families with established financial weakness. 

During this period they need the following food products 

Sunflower oil
Trachana / vermicelli / astraki pasta / barley
Mashed potatoes
Canned food (sardines, tuna, meat, vegetables)
Spices (salt, pepper, oregano, mint, bay leaf, cinnamon, etc)
Lemon juice / mustard / ketchup
Nuts / dried fruits / compotes
Cocoa powder
Milk drinks
Instant coffee / filter / Greek coffee / tea
Individual juices
Honey / tahini
Cereal bars / pastels
Cakes / buns / chocolates / wafers / croissants / merenta

In addition, they need personal hygiene products (e.g baby wipes, sanitary napkins, cream soap, shaving foam, razors, etc) as well as household cleaning products (dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, garbage bags etc.). Whoever is interested in supporting their work, can contact for more information at 2310-462742.