Food needs from the social services of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos

Wed 23 December 2020

The Municipality of Aspropyrgos, within the framework of its social work, operates the following structures in support of its beneficiaries:

The Social Pantry, which supports 1100 people with monthly packaged food, the Social Soup Kitchen which offers 157 portions daily, as well as a Center for the homeless.

In order to continue helping support people, especially during this difficult period, they need the following items:

  1. Oil/olive oil
  2. Giant beans
  3. Chickpeas
  4. Black-eyed beans
  5. Penne pasta
  6. Milk
  7. Canned tuna
  8. Canned (corn, giant beans, mushrooms)
  9. Tinned (peaches, apricots)
  10. Juices
  11. Greek coffee
  12. Sauces (tomato, tomato paste, ketchup)

Frozen products

  1. Frozen Peas
  2. Frozen Beans
  3. Frozen Spinach

In addition, they are in need of cleaning materials and personal hygiene items.

Anyone interested in supporting their work can call 2105578134.