Athinais Hotel is an ally of Boroume in reducing food waste

Wed 21 July 2021

Since 2013, the Athinais Hotel has been cooperating with us and supporting the work of Boroume to tackle food waste, as well as food insecurity in Greece.

In fact, it is one of the first hotels to join the "Saving & Offering Food" network of Boroume, thus acting as a model for the catering and hospitality industry!

In turn, we ensure that on a daily basis, a non-profit organization receives food surpluses, which are available in excellent condition from the donor, in order to provide food support to people in need.

In this way, since the beginning of our partnership until today, the Athinais Hotel has saved and offered more than 25.000 portions of food to charity organisations -cooperating with Boroume- and their beneficiaries.

We truly thank the people of the hotel for their excellent cooperation and social giving!