Food needs from the organization “Symvallein”

Mon 28 November 2022
The non-profit organization “Symvallein” was created on the initiative of a group of scientists and health professionals. It carries out programs and activities of a community service, scientific, social and voluntary nature, with the aim of supporting vulnerable groups, mainly individuals facing mental health problems and serious psychosocial difficulties.

Among its services, the organization aims at actions that promote social cohesion and solidarity, raise awareness and inform citizens regarding their rights, such as access to primary health care with an emphasis on mental health, equality, equal treatment and non-discrimination in all areas of social life.

Today it operates four in-house Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units in the Athens area.

At this time, the Boarding Program in Pallini needs the following food:

Milk (condensed)
Olive oil
Tomato sauce

Anyone interested in supporting, please call 210-6664986