Awareness Program "Every meal matters"



Creating public awareness about the social, environmental and economic benefits of reducing food waste is crucial for highlighting the issue and changing our daily habits that contribute to it.


  • Whether the donation comes from an individual, a company, a farmer or the local bakery, saving and offering leftover food with Boroume’s assistance gives us the ability to support the most vulnerable members of our society
  • 1 ton of organic waste in a landfill unleashes 1 ton of methane gas into the atmosphere which is 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide regarding global warming
  • By saving food we also save the raw materials needed for creating the food (e.g. one kilo of beef requires the use of 10,000 liters of water)
  • Food waste costs several hundred euros a year for each of us
  • Consuming “ugly” fruits and vegetables allows the farmer to increase his income by increasing his crop yields


  • Spreading the message to “Stop Food Waste!” on mass media, social media and on Boroume’s website
  • Making presentations on the issue of food waste and how Boroume's activities are among the most effective in saving and offering food to those in need
  • Organizing events such as “Feeding the 5.000” in Thessaloniki (November 2014) and Athens (October 2015) and an awareness festival together with WWF (January 2014) 
  • Participating in international networks about food waste reduction and promoting legislative changes with regard to food waste on a national and international level
  • Creating the Food Saving & Offering Network whose members are companies that have donated food and as members receive -on an annual basis- electronic and printed stickers for use in their place of business and on the web
  • Offering Boroume place mats to cafes and restaurants that wish to raise awareness of their customers on the subject of food waste and how easy it is to save and offer food

You can help!

To express your interest in the above program please call us at 2103237805 or email us at [email protected] so we can figure out how you can help us in a way that corresponds to your own wishes.