Many thanks to Entersoft

Wed 28 April 2021

From 2012, with the help of thousands of volunteers, we have managed to save through a few thousand donors, more than 46 million portions of food, and to offer them to more than 650 charities of all kinds, throughout Greece. Thanks to our commitment to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of our saving and offering model, now for every € 1 of operating costs we save and offer more than 50 portions of food.

A prominent role in this continuous improvement of efficiency and therefore the environmental and social impact of actions , has been the use of specialized software of Entersoft SA which has been offering it to us on a non-profit basis for many years. The management of all collaborations and all the contacts that are made is carried out by the specific software, which, literally, is the backbone of our organization.

On the occasion of the recent upgrade of our software, we want to thank Entersoft SA from the bottom of our hearts, the invisible hero of the everyday life of Boroume, without whom we would not be able to support so many thousands of people in need with such a positive environmental impact thanks to the reduction of food waste in Greece.