The motivational power of Boroume #22

Mon 22 August 2022


Dimitra Stavrousi has been – over the last few months - a member of the volunteer group of the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" in Thessaloniki.

For Dimitra, volunteering is a lifelong lesson. “I firmly believe that many people want to give. All you have to do is to show them the way to help." 

The interview with Dimitra Stavrousi in detail. 

A few words about you: I live in Drymos, Thessaloniki. I am a graduate of tourism business and have worked in catering businesses and hotel units, while in recent years I have been working in the field of private education. I like trips, gardening, nature walks, and I enjoy meeting and talking with good friends!

Why did you decide to become a volunteer?
 Ever since I was a teenager, I remember having the need to do something to improve the conditions in the society I live in. That's why I participated in groups voluntarily for some years. Lately, due to my heavy workload, I haven't actively participated anywhere. So, after the lockdown, I felt even more that volunteering was something that needed to come back into my life to feel good. I had heard about "Boroume" and its actions, I got in touch with Alexandros and for some months now I have had the pleasure of being a member of the group! 

How easy/difficult is it to talk to someone about volunteering? It's pretty easy for me. I'm not trying to convince anyone. It comes up in the conversation when I mention "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" and talk about some incidents from my participation in the program. Then questions and inquiries about the program and the actions arise and thus I am given the opportunity to provide even more information to anyone who is interested in participating. 

What reactions are you getting?Some are a little suspicious of the group's interests because they don't trust NGOs in general. But through the discussion and reading about the work being done, most of them understand that there is no reason to doubt. After all, the action, and the result count above all. Already, there are people in my neighborhood asking me how they can help or bringing me clothes to give to an organization we work with. I really believe most people want to help. Just show them the way. 

How easy is it to not waste food? I find it very difficult, because unfortunately we live in a society of hyper-consumption. It takes effort for humans to reduce food waste. And of course, will power. But the will power arises from the right information and education. Then everything becomes easier, and we acquire simple very important daily habits so that we don't waste food. I believe that the program "Boroume at School" should be adopted in all schools throughout the country so that children know what it means to waste food and how to implement tactics to reduce it from an early age, so that when they grow up they are more aware of this issue. 

How would you describe the Boroume team in three words? Solidarity - Respect - Hope

Share with us an incident from the action of the "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" program that impressed you:
 A lady who is a product producer, called me to her stall and asked me what we do with the food they offer us. When I informed her and she understood that it goes to families in need, she said to me: "Take what I have on the counter. I lost my husband too early and I understand how difficult it is." This and so many other incidents move us and fuel our hope and faith in man and the offer. That's why volunteering is a lifelong lesson!