Boroume was chosen for the European Citizenship Award 2017

Fri 14 July 2017
Boroume was chosen, together with "PRAKSIS" and Ms Catherine Panagopoulou for the European Citizenship Award 2017.

The European Citizenship Award is given annually by the European Parliament to individuals, groups of individuals or organizations whose actions:

-promote mutual understanding between European citizens and European cooperation,
-promote the strengthening of the European spirit through long-term, transnational and cross-border cultural cooperation,
-are related to the theme of the current European Year, or
-promote in practice the principles and values of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Each MEP has the right to propose any person, group or organization for the prize, while the 50 winners are chosen by a selection Committee, composed of MEPs from different countries. Boroume was proposed by Mr Miltiadis Kyrkos, MEP of the "Potami" party.

According to Alexander Theodoridis, founding member and administrator of Boroume, "[...] the selection of Boroume for the European Citizenship Award 2017 constitutes a real honour for our team, which consists of people of any age who share the same passion for reducing food waste and simultaneously increasing food support to Greece, but above all share the need to help their fellow human beings. It is a special honour for Boroume to be selected for a prize by which many remarkable organizations and people of Greece have been awarded in the past and also this year".