A big thank you to My market for the wonderful Easter offer

Thu 29 April 2021

And while we are informed on a daily basis by charities about their increased - due to the circumstances - needs, and their effort to offer support to their beneficiaries in view of Easter, we had the great pleasure to accept an extremely important donation.

They contacted us from My market to offer - with the help of Boroume - 23 pallets of frozen meat products to organizations to support people in need.

We arranged pick up of the meat products, due to the approaching date of consumption, to be realized quickly by the recipient charities, in order to make the meat products available immediately to their beneficiaries.

With the impeccable cooperation of the donor company employees, who during this particularly busy period for them were asked to manage this offer, we succeeded to save and offer 14.550 pieces of various types of meat.

Warm thanks for this Easter offer, which will also give a festive note to people facing food insecurity.